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Ecosystem for engineering, development and maintenance of artificial intelligence technologies

About Elanim

Elanim is a decentralized ecosystem designed to become a solution, which will be able to solve many present and future problems in artificial intelligence development. It will lay a solid foundation for confident interaction between AI technologies and their clients. Elanim consists of three main platforms: SmartMarket, Core and Network. Every platform is an integral part of the ecosystem.


Elanim SmartMarket

Open and decentralized market of data, algorithms and services of artificial intelligence, which takes sale of services to the next, more simple and transparent level. Main purpose of Elanim SmartMarket – it is an acceleration of the whole AI development sphere and, as a result, making AI systems available not only for large companies but also for small and medium businesses and for everyone, who is interested in the field.
Every AI product or technology, regardless of whether it was developed by a big IT company or a single developer, can be presented to a large number of interested customers. Using cloud computing technologies and specialized API makes it simplier than ever.

Elanim Core

Program platform based on grid computing, able to unite the capacities of numerous personal computers, mining farms and many other clusters of high computer perfomance.
The platform allows PC users and GPU miners to take part in developing new and maintaining existing artificial intelligence systems just by connecting free resources of their computers to Elanim Core.
Such decentralized system has practically unlimited computing potential, which allows it to compete with the cloud computing services of Google and Amazon and establish its own prices for AI technologies.

Elanim Network

Network, that consists of a large number of interconnected artificial intelligence technologies. It is supported by computing capacities of the Core. Decentralized artificial intelligence of Elanim Network is able to complete large amount of tasks set by a person or another system in the shortest possible terms and from any part of the world. This efficiency is accomplished thanks to the interaction of all Network components and modules which have various types and functionality.
Network is designed to be lightweight and flexible, and that will allow using it both for business purposes on companies servers and by common users with PC and mobile devices.

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Team Members

Władysław Hubar

Co-founder & Software Engineer

Artur Lakizo

Co-founder & Software Engineer

Eugene Dementiew

Co-founder & Software Engineer

Kamil Bielski

Software Engineer

Andrey Sidorchuk

Business Development

Zi Shuen Wong

Business Development

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